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Then I wake up in the morning thanking God that at least the worst didn’t happen. TAMMY BRANNEN, January 1990 IT IS TESTAMENT TO THE ANGUISH OF the past 17 months that for Tammy Brannen, finding her daughter dead might no longer be the worst that could happen. “If I look at the evidence, there’s only one conclusion I come up with,” she says, alluding to the unbearable probability that her daughter, who has not been seen since she vanished from a Christmas party (PEOPLE, April 9, 1990) in 1989, is no longer alive.

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I really don't recommend sites like this because you are paying up-front for no guaranteed product. But at least you know what you're getting (and wear a raincoat so you don't get too much!Hughes first met Melissa at the apartment-complex party on the night she disappeared and remarked, “Isn’t she pretty? Later, when Melissa went to get some chips before leaving, Tammy saw Hughes approach her.But the girl shyly ignored him, and Tammy watched as Melissa headed back to her.Authorities are convinced the child is dead, but without proof they could not bring a murder charge.From the start, though, both Tammy, 28, and the police suspected Hughes.

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